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St Ives Hand & Body Lotion With Oats & Shea Butter 621ml

28.75 SAR

St Ives Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion with Oats and Shea Butter St. Ives Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion with Oatmeal and Shea Butter. 100% natural moisturizer for dry combination skin and soothes sensitive skin. Rich and creamy formula specially formulated for dry skin that absorbs quickly to bring comfort and softness to this skin type. Ives products are known to be one of the leading face and body skin care brands and specifically target all dry skin problems.


  • Body lotion to soothe dry skin and is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Paraben-free and dermatologist tested.
  • Cruelty-free and cruelty-free formula.
  • It can be used on the hands to moisturize and get soft and healthy skin.

28.75 SAR
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