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The Ordinary Serum Multi-peptide Hair Thickening & Anti-Hair Loss Treatment-60ml

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The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density

Peptides are amino acids and have a small fraction compared to proteins

The product is a transparent serum in an opaque package to "preserve the serum", its use period is 12 months from opening the package

From its contents:

Multi-peptide and a group of acids, including lactic, in addition to caffeine, glycerin and other compounds that are safe for use on hair.

A formula that works deep into the hair follicles

How to use it:

Once a day, a few drops are distributed over the entire scalp and gently massaged onto completely dry hair before bed that does not need to be washed.

It is used by men and women

For all hair types

It does not cause a greasy effect or a layer on the hair

It treats hair problems from the roots and the scalp so that it helps to improve hair growth

Helps improve the appearance by giving shine and strength to the entire hair

Increases blood flow to the scalp, allowing hair to be well nourished and hair to appear thicker.

Significantly reduces hair loss after a week to 20 days of use

It reduces the rate of shedding and does not stop the shedding completely.

Contributes to hair density.

Size: 60 ml

127 SAR 149 SAR
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