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Ting Mouth Cleansing Gel 85gm

39.50 SAR

Tingj gel to help get rid of bad breath.

An advanced formula with zinc to help you get rid of bad breath

Medical research has proven that bacteria on the tongue are the primary cause of bad breath

There is nothing better than using a tung gel and a tung brush to get rid of these bacteria

  • It facilitates the removal of sticky substances sticking to the tongue
  • Zinc neutralizes breath odor
  • It works better than regular toothpastes
  • Fresh taste leaves what is refreshing

How to use :

Shake well and use the brush to extend the tongue and start rubbing with the brush starting from the back to the tip of the tongue for 10 seconds. This process can be repeated as needed.

Avoid swallowing.

39.50 SAR
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وجن سعد

1 month ago

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