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Translucent Loose Setting Powder - L'Oréal Mercier

194.90 SAR 229 SAR

A translucent loose setting powder that blends powerfully with makeup for long-wearing wear without adding weight or texture.

This best-selling product delivers a modern, matte finish with sheer coverage while absorbing oil and reducing shine all day long.

Experts know why they like this product: the powder is a little more concentrated than regular powders, for an ultra-smooth application and easy blending. The formula is anti-shine and anti-flashback, which means that you will look super beautiful in photos thanks to the halo that will reduce the visibility of fine lines and blemishes, because it will not form around lines or small pores so as not to give makeup the appearance of smudges. These transparent colors suit all skin tones, from dark to light skin alike.

The newly released Translucent Medium Dark shade is designed to be completely transparent on medium to darkest skin tones, ensuring that every skin tone achieves a flawless, translucent finish.

194.90 SAR 229 SAR
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