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Unscented Anti-Pore-Treatment Toner (355ml) - Thayers

66 SAR

The toner is a light liquid that works to tighten the large pores, refresh the texture of the skin and reduce the sebum secretions in it. The toner is not used as a substitute for a facial cleanser, but rather is placed on the skin after washing until it restores its natural balance and softness after using the lotion.

What are the benefits of toner?

The toner works to clean the skin and close the wide pores, which helps reduce the oils that it secretes, so its texture becomes dry and healthy, and reduces the incidence of pimples and infections. And alleviating the symptoms of skin damage due to free radicals. 3- One of the benefits of the toner is also that it works to adjust the acidity of the skin or maintain its pH balance, which is supposed to be between 5-6 degrees.

66 SAR
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