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Wadi Al Nahil Castor Oil for Body and Hair - 125 ml

31 SAR

the description

A natural oil that nourishes, softens, moisturizes and strengthens the scalp and fights dandruff to give you strong, nourished and dandruff-free hair.

the shape

125 ml oil

the use

It is used for dry, coarse and damaged hair

Used for dandruff-prone hair

Treats brittle and damaged hair

Gives hair strength and luster

Intensive care and complete protection for hair

Always have healthy hair


Treats hair loss

Treats dandruff

Stimulates hair growth

strengthens hair

Increases hair density

smooth hair

the ingredients

Natural Castor Oil: It lengthens and thickens hair, stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, and moisturizes hair

How to use

Apply natural castor oil on the hair and then massage it well for 5 minutes until the scalp absorbs it

Cover the hair and leave it until morning, then wash it with regular shampoo

31 SAR
Two comments

نجود العتيبي

5 months ago

خطير روعه


عجايب المطيري

5 months ago


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